Rules Keep Kids Safe

When it comes to playgrounds, the surface is a major factor to consider.  There’s ADA standards that must be met in order to properly pass inspection and regardless of all the rules and regulations, you would want to make sure

Shade Structures

With winter an afterthought as we enjoy the warmer weather and greener pastures, our forethoughts are toward summer and the season long enjoyment with family it brings.  Nothing pleases Jon and I more than summer time with our families and

Make Your Playground Fun

Are you considering adding or replacing a playground for your Charlotte school, church or community center?  Does your current playground create a sense of stress for you and the kids?  Is your current playground too small, with kids lining up

Shopping Mall Shade Structure Art

Recently, I was contacted for an interview by one of the local shopping malls; they are seeking quotes and design ideas for a shade structure art for a Charlotte Shopping Mall.  The interview went incredibly well, the administrator was very

Shade Structures

UV Rays Global Warming Acid Rain Sun Poisoning Skin Cancer Have any of these affected you or a loved one? There is a lot of talk, print and media reporting on the various adverse effects from over exposure.  Exposure to

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