Shopping Mall Shade Structure Art

Shopping Mall Shade Structure Art
Shopping Mall Shade Structure Art

Recently, I was contacted for an interview by one of the local shopping malls; they are seeking quotes and design ideas for a shade structure art for a Charlotte Shopping Mall.  The interview went incredibly well, the administrator was very impressed with our website and marketing materials and the previous shade structure art designs Jon has created.

I was granted permission to submit a design, so after the meeting I hurried over to meet with Jon and share the good news, he owed me lunch anyway!  During our conversation about what the administrator of the project had envisioned, I noticed the all too familiar twinkle in Jon’s eye.  Jon is one of those wonderfully emotional individuals that can’t hide his emotions, especially when he gets excited and the conversation of designing shade structure for an art project had him very excited.

By the end of the following week, Jon was texting me like crazy to meet and show me what he designed, lunch on me this time.  Jon arrived literally floating on air he was so excited, my first thought was “this is gonna be good” and he didn’t disappoint.  Jon drew the shade art on an enormous piece of drafting paper that was way too large for our lunch table (frustrating Jon to no end) which had me laughing and in stitches, but when he opened the drawing, my mouth dropped.  Jon went silent (only happens twice a year at the dentist) as I was speechless viewing the drawing.  The waitress walked by and was astonished and commented on how remarkable the drawing was and where it is intended for!

Bottom Line, our follow up meeting is in 2 weeks, Jon and I will be meeting the administrator and the board that makes the final decision.  We are allotted 45 minutes to present our design, provide a quote and answer questions.  I am actually as excited as Jon!

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