Shade Structures

Shade Structures

Global warming is a sensitive topic to many people, I’m not one to start or even engage in debates, but I have seen the obvious increase in the winter temperatures and (expect for this summer) the summer heat index has increased drastically over the past decade.  Regardless of your stance on global warming, it gets pretty hot in the summer months!

UV rays have a bad impact on light skin people, elderly, and our children, so protection is imperative.  The sale of sunblock explodes during the heat of summer and everyone is seeking a more climate controlled environment.  Shade is a big commodity during these heat waves, but there only seems to be so many trees any longer, so where do you turn?

Shade structures are a big part of our business, providing the comfort of shade to almost any area has its benefits.  We install many shade structures at the playgrounds we build, strip malls and restaurants all utilize shade structures.  With the vast improvement in designs and functionality, shade structures are as appealing as they are functional now.  Many outdoor venues exploit the unlimited shapes, contours and sizes of shade structures to appeal to their customers.

We offer a huge variety of shade structures, standard sizes that are pre-packaged and custom designed shades (Jon loves these).  With a rainbow of colors and the ability to have your company brand/logo printed on the material, shade structures are in big demand.  If you have been considering adding shade to your business, playground or home, call me personally to discuss your project, you may be pleasantly surprised with the quote and definitely the results.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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