dog park

We all hate leaving our furry friends at home during the day but we have to work to earn a living and buy all that cool stuff for our best friends to play with. And for some, apartment life means that your canine companion may be leash bound forever.
What do we do about our curious pup’s enormous amount of energy?
If only there was some place, like a park, for dogs, we could call it a dog park. Oh wait, we have those!
We at Creative Playscapes have designed and created dozens of local dog parks in the Charlotte and Atlanta areas for our four legged friends. At our dog parks, your rambunctious friend gets to run around, exercise and socialize with other local pups. A controlled and relaxed atmosphere for you and your pet to rid yourselves of that pent up energy and stress by having a good time while getting some well-deserved exercise.
Creative Playscapes Dog Parks are also built with a variety of climbing structures, obstacles and other fun things so you and your pet can enjoy the outdoors. Snoopy can pretend he is taking down the Red Barron! So the next time Lassie needs to run free, find your nearest dog park! We have designed numerous dog parks for communities and public parks.
Call me for a free consultation about designing and implementing a dog park for your community or public park, you will be amazed at the advanced equipment we have at our disposal.
Safety Starts w/ Stability!
Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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