Free Standing Play

Freestanding play elements or “accessory” play elements are a great way to diversify play opportunities beyond “active play” offered by a traditional play unit. Incorporating sand and water play, music elements, and art panels in a playground design helps foster a more inclusive space for children of differing temperaments, interests, and abilities. 

Freestanding play elements and accessory items include some of the following:

  • Swings
  • Spring Riders
  • Spinners 
  • Games
  • Climbers
  • Sand and Water/ Sensory
  • Balance
  • Music
  • Art
  • Imaginative/ Dramatic

We like to offer accessory play items in an “a-la-carte” format, where we incorporate different elements from a variety of manufacturers throughout the periphery of the playground to show you the maximum potential of your space. From there, we can begin prioritizing items based on your budget allowance. 

Although they have large fall zones, swings are included in freestanding play and can consist of belt seats, infant bucket seats, tire swings, and adaptive options. Swings are one of the most popular items on playgrounds, and they are an excellent way for children to learn how to take turns and communicate with peers. 

Click here to explore some of our freestanding play options, and for more detailed pricing, give us a call!

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