Outdoor Fitness Units

Outdoor Fitness
Outdoor Fitness Units

When we hired our marketing manager, he told us a true story about affiliate marketing which involved targeting the parents of obese children.  I mentioned that we are also very concerned about the health and welfare of our children and offer outdoor fitness units to Charlotte and Atlanta schools, parks and churches.

Outdoor fitness units combine the ability to exercise and have fun simultaneously.  We all know that trying to capture the attention of our kids is difficult, the Internet and Television have a strong hold on our youth.  I promise not to get on my pedestal regarding TV and children, not on this forum.

When Jon and I were kids, we would run endlessly throughout our respective neighborhoods without thoughts of television and of course the Internet was not available yet.  Today, our children are enthralled with the images projected on LED screens; some physicians believe television and the Internet are unhealthy to children of all ages.  One solution is to create fun and engaging physical activity the kids will embrace and ask for.  Outdoor fitness units are an excellent resolve both commercially and residentially.

Children & adults can enjoy a more physically challenging playtime together in a play area set up as an obstacle course, playing games and creating activities surrounding the outdoor fitness units.

Jon utilizes our fully modular fitness units to create a custom fitness playground that many kids never realize they are actually exercising; it’s just too much fun!  The playground Jon designs envelope a challenging physical activity that will improve their health from head to toe.

Jon’s outdoor fitness designs have incorporated a variety of exercise activities from overhead events to ground activities; linking one activity to another with a variety of activities will exercise almost every muscle in the body, thus improving overall wellness.

We make exercise fun!

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
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