Shade Structures

  • UV Rays
  • Global Warming
  • Acid Rain
  • Sun Poisoning
  • Skin Cancer
Shade Structures

Have any of these affected you or a loved one?

There is a lot of talk, print and media reporting on the various adverse effects from over exposure.  Exposure to the elements of nature can be unavoidable at time; those that have to work in the construction industry must address the elements by proper clothing and chemical/lotions protection.  Unfortunately many individuals ignore the potential hazards from over exposure until it is too late and their doctor has awakened them to the dangers they endured.

The small increments of exposure will compile and if not attended to, can cause issues later in life.  Imagine a bucket with 1 single drop of water entering every few minutes, although 1 single drop is minuscule to the capacity of the 5 gallon bucket, every drop has an impact and eventually the bucket will over fill with water.  Over exposure is exactly like the drop in the bucket metaphor.

Shade structures are an attractive way to combat the elements, bringing cool shade, relief from the UV Rays of the sun, and creating an ambience to increase awareness.  Shade structures have quickly become a popular and useful decoration to many shopping malls, entertainment areas, outdoor venues and parks.

Jon designs and creates unique shade structures for many clients, as I have often mentioned, Jon is the creative engineer in our partnership and his ability to envision a custom shade structure is impressive.  Jon never ceases to amaze me with his creativeness and our customers love his work.  I get a lot of credit which should go to Jon, his skillset and training.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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