Getting Outside & Getting Healthy

    Health was a huge inspiration to me, and a reason why Jon and I entered the playground business.  A playground can be much more than a place to take the kids and let them run off some energy;

Let’s Keep Kids Safe

Each year more than 200,000 kids are treated in hospitals for different types of playground-related injuries and many of them could have been prevented if they were being properly supervised. Adult supervision is vital to promoting a safe experience on

Out to the Playground

The chill of winter is receding and the warmth of spring is quickly approaching, soon our kids will be out for summer vacation and we all know what that means: PlayStation, Smart phones, TV and a whole mess of technology

Spring Time to Play

Spring time is finally here and with the warmer weather starting to brighten up our day it makes it time to get outside and play.  There are so many benefits from keeping your kids active and allowing them to be

Ways to Play For Every Need

Here at Creative Playscapes, we’re not only able to design playgrounds in Charlotte and Atlanta, to fit all types of needs and areas, but we also work with great product manufactures and with the both of those combined we are

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