Getting Outside & Getting Healthy


 kids playing

Health was a huge inspiration to me, and a reason why Jon and I entered the playground business.  A playground can be much more than a place to take the kids and let them run off some energy; it is a place to breath in the fresh air and burn off some of those extra calories while having fun.  In fact, research suggests that you can burn nearly 300 calories with only an hour of moderate activity outside.

Even then, there is more to health than just burning calories.  Playgrounds offer wide verity of unique opportunities for children:

1)    Social Skills: Playgrounds offer a chance for kids to govern themselves all while getting involved with the interest and concerns of their peers.  This can build strong leadership skills and a sense of comradery.

SelfCare: A playground allows a kid to test their abilities in a safe environment.  This can help them understand limitations and may lead to safer or less risky decisions down the road.


2)    Problem Solving: Waiting turns, working together, communicating, and learning from others are all beneficial to the problem solving skills a kid will use throughout his or her life.

While Jon and I will never pretend every experience at the playground is positive, (with Bees, Icky Spiders, and messy Toads), it is the overall experience that may help your child grow into a well-rounded person.  Now, total that with the few hundred calories you may lose and, what are you waiting for?  Get outside and go play an hour a day!

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
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