Charlotte Playground Project – Video 1 Playground Base System

This is video 1 of a series of 7 where we developed the playground site, installed the new playground equipment and finished with the rubber surfacing.  Jon is our videographer and narrator.  We hope you enjoy this video series.

The Williams Center in Charlotte is new construction and the playground was designed into the scope of the project.  Jon doesn’t mention his direct input in the design in this video, but he actually designed the playground, along with the retaining wall.  The retaining wall was erected and provides plenty of room for the playground, it’s important to utilize as much of the earth/space as allotted; a sturdy retaining wall accomplishes this feat easily.

Jon describes the layout of the playground, including trike paths, slides and shade structures.  He also included trees to be planted that will provide natural shade in the years to come.  One aspect we/Jon prefer to include is natural foliage, vegetation and shade.  In this project, Jon added several trees to accent the already existing trees (which Jon will describe in a later video) on site.

The ABC base course is ready to have the playground equipment installed and the PIP (Pour in Place) rubber surfacing will be installed to complete the project.

Everything is going smoothly here at The Williams Center in Charlotte; follow along as Jon walks us through this Charlotte playground installation.

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