Out to the Playground


The chill of winter is receding and the warmth of spring is quickly approaching, soon our kids will be out for summer vacation and we all know what that means: PlayStation, Smart phones, TV and a whole mess of technology will consume our kid’s time.  So, how do we as parents give our kids a cell phone for their safety without sacrificing their urge for other healthy activity?

Back in the day, when I slammed the door too many times, my mother would yell across the house “It’s either in or out!”  Shortly after hearing that, I would shoot across the living room and dash out the door.  Now days, kids will almost certainly choose to stay inside.  How do we reverse this unhealthy trend?  We must enact the oldest tool in the parenting handbook, Trick Psychology!

“Kids it’s time to go have some fun! “ Secretly, all parents know Playgrounds are a place where kids can exercise and stay fit while having fun outside with their friends; meanwhile, parents get some much-needed relaxation time outdoors.

At Creative Playscapes we have even adopted the phrase “It’s not JUST a playground!  We are keeping the tradition of the playground alive, be designing and developing some of the safest and most effective playground structures in North Carolina, Georgia and all states in-between. We even specialize in creating Shade & Fitness structures to keep Mom’s day at the park as pleasant and worry free as possible.

Our primary focus is on safety first, fun second.  We work with schools, churches, child care facilities, community centers, public parks and shopping malls to provide fun times for kids.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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