Shade Structures

With winter an afterthought as we enjoy the warmer weather and greener pastures, our forethoughts are toward summer and the season long enjoyment with family it brings.  Nothing pleases Jon and I more than summer time with our families and kids, we love to see them playing at the beach, hiking in the mountains and playing at the playgrounds.

Today’s blog entry is on the enjoyment of the great outdoors, all the while being protected from the elements, specifically the sun.  I promise not to be negative towards the sun, but as with every enjoyable entity it has both positive and negative aspects.  The positive ones are obvious; warmer temperatures, outdoor activities, the beach and more.  The negative is the potential harm from over exposure.

Jon and I provide a way to thwart the negatives while enjoying the positives with shade structures!  We have designed and installed shade structures in Charlotte at various schools and child care facilities.  Jon has also designed shade structures for shopping malls in Atlanta, Ga.  There are numerous, attractive ways to implement shade to protect your park or playground visitors from the elements.

Jon and I were talking last week about taking our kids to the water park this summer, when he commented on how he would love to design an elaborate shade structure for a water park.  He described in depth how he envisioned the structure would enhance the appeal of the park with the variety of colorful fabrics he could utilize.  I love it when he gets these ideas and elaborates on them during our lunch meetings.  I am going to make a concerted effort to find a water park in our area that needs a shade structure, just for Jon.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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