Rules Keep Kids Safe


When it comes to playgrounds, the surface is a major factor to consider.  There’s ADA standards that must be met in order to properly pass inspection and regardless of all the rules and regulations, you would want to make sure the kids are playing in a safe environment where falling down is a little less of a worry so ADA standards are always favored by the public.

Every year there is an annual conference, NRPA’s Congress and Exposition that brings together more than 7,000 park and recreation professionals, industry suppliers, and citizen advocates that go over hundreds of educational sessions.  This also makes for an awesome networking event.  This year’s NRPA Annual Congress theme was called “Great Ideas Start Here”.  This is where the new release of the new surfacing installation and maintenance guide will be released.

IPEMA (International Play Equipment Manufacturer) is the manufacture that we are working with and the NRPA Congress has launched the new guide that provides the proper steps of installing and maintaining all the different types of IPEMA-certified surfacing.  IPEMA is always looking for ways to make play more fun and safer while keeping areas accessible to everyone with correct installation and maintenance.

 Over the long years of kids at play, we have learned from all the accidents and found ways to help lower the risk of injury which is every parent’s number one priority when it comes to their children and it’s our number one priority too.

We don’t just talk child safety, we study it and install it with every playground we build!

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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