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Play Structures
Play Structures

Are you considering adding or replacing a playground for your Charlotte school, church or community center?  Does your current playground create a sense of stress for you and the kids?  Is your current playground too small, with kids lining up waiting for their turn on the swings or slide, children trying to skip in line resulting in arguments?  Well, kids will be kids; however, a lot of these issues could be solved by having the right play equipment.  We design playgrounds with lots of fun equipment, not just one or two the kids enjoy most.

Not only can we install everything, but we design it to fit the needs of the school, church or community as well.  We have play structures for a variety of budgets and all designs are created with safety being the first priority.  Having a playground that can be fun for everyone encourages physical activity and a friendly experience.

Fitness units are in big demand, with much talk revolving around healthy living, diet and exercise are at the core of most healthy lifestyle conversations.  We have designed and installed numerous playgrounds with the focus on fitness, integrating equipment that has the kids stretching and using a variety of muscles while they play.  It’s fitness with fun!

We also have shade structures that can be installed so that the sun isn’t an issue.  Summer sun can make the equipment too hot to play on, our shades block the sun from the kids and equipment, which helps keep them from getting too hot.

If you are considering replacing or installing a new playground, call me for a free consultation and make sure you make it fun for the kids!

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

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