Tanglewood Refurbish Phase 3

Now entering our final phase of the Tanglewood project, phase 3, we are getting anxious to see the final result and compare to before and after.  The last step is to install the EPDM (ethylene propylene diene monomer (M-class) rubber).  This is what the kids will be actually running and playing on.  This is also the portion of the playground surface that can be completely customized to your facilities preference from colors to designs.

We have put hop scotch panels in the layout and even had a few places want logos implemented into the design.  EPDM pour in place rubber is an excellent surfacing choice for facilities with a keen eye for safety, low maintenance, and life cycle cost savings.  Everything has to be ship shape and always exceedingly good and going further into perfection as an ending result which is why always have my surfacing experts handle the job so it’s done right the first time.

So my guys grab their wheel barrels, knee pads, and tools needed to spread everything out level and even for the full 4500 sq. ft. course.  These guys worked hard and they really enjoyed seeing the finishing product.  Installation of the 4500 sq. ft. base course and EPDM wear course, under ideal weather conditions, would take 4 days.  Unfortunately, we had a spell of cold weather that slightly delayed the project for a week.  For installation of the pour in place wear course, minimum temperatures of 40 degrees and rising are needed.  Moisture also negatively affects the installation efforts.

The people at Forsyth County were excited to have the new pad and look forward to 15 years of a maintenance free safety surface.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes



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