Heavy Gauge Steel Play Structures

Slides, climbers and stairs are the focal point for the kids, they love to be active and play structures offer much more enjoyable activity than just swinging or spinning around.  When you visit a playground, watch as your kids run to the slide first.  The slide (and stairs to access it) is a magnet for fun without having to involved another child or parent.

We utilize heavy gauge steel materials for safety and durability.  There will NEVER be any lead based paint on any play structure we install.  All materials used to manufacture our playground equipment are EPA approved and does not have any hazardous compounds.  The powder coated material stays colorful and useful for years and easily endures all weather conditions, including heat, snow and ice.  Steel play structures are the mainstay for fun for your child.

Heavy gauge steel materials are the mainstay of our playground structures, the ability to manipulate the steel to numerous configurations is exceptional.  There are never any splinters, never needs painting and are safe.  Heavy gauge steel materials enables us to build a custom playground without hazardous paints or hurtful wood products.  We utilize steel materials for steps, stairs, railings and climbing walls as often as possible.  Splinter free means happier & healthier kids.

We offer a large variety of play structures; check out our web page for more pictures and information on play structures.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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