Commercial Playground Equipment

Jon and I both enjoy our wonderful families and relish the times we have playing with our children, it keeps us young.  Our friends have often commented on how energetic Jon and I are, the men privately ask if we are taking some of those medicines you see so often on television, we always answer “No” and smile.  The secret to our happiness and energy is simple, our kids!  Playing with our kids keeps us active and an active body is more inclined to be healthier (my doctor told me that).  Anticipating the play time with our family keep us happy, so when asked why we are so energetic and happy, the answer is our family!

Every commercial playground equipment project in Charlotte and our other service areas is designed and installed exactly like the ones our kids play on.  If it’s not safe enough for mine and Jon’s children then we won’t install it. PERIOD!

Safety is first and foremost with every commercial & residential playground we install.  We exceed the local and state standards and guidelines for our industry.  All playgrounds are registered with the proper authorities and we encourage the county inspectors on our job sites.  We strive to exceed the state requirements for safety and stability for our commercial playground equipment.

Our primary focus is on churches, schools, day care facilities and parks, we even build dog parks!

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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