Playground Etiquette

Playing with my children and watching the other kids at the playground is an enlightening experience that I cherish.  Nothing replaces the time with my children, especially when they are having fun at the playground! Unfortunately, my kids are not

Hope Park Mooresville

In August of 2014, the Splash Pad at Mooresville’s Hope Park (a children’s playground near the LOWES YMCA) raised concerns due to the slip hazard aspect of the water play area.  Creative Playscapes was contracted to install a safer surface

Happy 4th of July

Get outside and enjoy some play time with your kids and enjoy this 4th of July.  Be safe and have fun! Happy Independence Day from Jon & I at Creative Playscapes.     Safety Starts w/ Stability! Kurt Karriker 704-589-7455

Getting Healthy

  In the past twenty years, childhood obesity rates have did more than double and that’s not the only problem that has increased.  Pediatricians are handing out more antidepressants to children now than ever before by a pretty steep increase

HOT Playground Equipment

  When playgrounds are in directly sunlight they can become dangerously HOT!  The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) advises parents to check for hot surfaces on metal playground equipment before allowing young children to play on it.  It has

Iron Station Playground

Over 200 students at Iron Station Elementary are enjoying their new playground from Creative Playscapes!  The previous wooden playground equipment was not stable and lacked durability, so a fund raiser was established, with a generous donation from Times Oil; the

Shade Structures

Global warming is a sensitive topic to many people, I’m not one to start or even engage in debates, but I have seen the obvious increase in the winter temperatures and (expect for this summer) the summer heat index has

Playground Surfacing

Our background in construction and safety drives us to building the absolute safest playground possible.  Often time’s budgets will dictate what we can and can’t use for the surface of a playground, but instances where we are asked to use

Dog Parks Playgrounds for Pups

I grew up in the country and always had several dogs around.  We never had to use a lease or worry about our dogs barking and bothering the neighbors, we couldn’t even see our closest neighbor.  Of course this was

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