Dog Parks Playgrounds for Pups

Dog Parks Playgrounds for Pups
Dog Parks Playgrounds for Pups

I grew up in the country and always had several dogs around.  We never had to use a lease or worry about our dogs barking and bothering the neighbors, we couldn’t even see our closest neighbor.  Of course this was 40+ years ago and oh how times have changed, these days a walk with your dog encompasses a leash, harness, bottle of dog water, bags for….well you know what, and all sorts of stuff I would have never dreamed of as a child, but since we have domesticated our four legged friends, certain responsibilities come along with it.  That’s not a bad thing at all.  I like my domesticated best friend much more now than my experience as a child.

25 years ago, if you told me I would be designing and building dog parks in Charlotte, I would have fallen down laughing, but guess what….Here I Am!  AND it’s a fun part of our business.  Jon loves to design the dog parks.  A longtime lover of animals, Jon smiles every time I tell him he gets to create another dog park, he literally smiles from ear to ear.  I must admit, Jon does a heck of a job designing and creating these dog playgrounds, his heart is truly into his pets.

Our dog parks are custom designed by Jon, he can incorporate a variety of composite structures for climbing, obstacles to run through and/or around and even some for specific training purposes.  I specifically remember the dog training facility Jon design for a law enforcement facility; it was his masterstroke of dog parks.

Are you looking to build a dog park or a dog training facility in the Charlotte area?  We can help; just give us a call for a consultation.  It will be fun, especially for Jon!

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

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