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As we take the next step in promoting our Playground Equipment for NC & Georgia schools, churches and day care facilities, I felt it important to begin at the beginning; playground design and site development.  I hope you find these periodical posts informative and enjoyable, just like the recipients of our work, we like to have fun!

First Step: Designing the playground to utilize the available area is the initial step; we utilize my good friend and partner Jon for this task.  Jon Dumont is a licensed architect, with a very successful business in the Lake Norman area.  Jon has designed and implemented nearly a hundred or more playgrounds, he understands the land and how the playground equipment will best function and how much site development is needed. (Step 2)  Jon work well with the administrator of the project to develop the most efficient playground possible, his ability to envision the playground long before ground is ever broken is remarkable; Jon Dumont is truly an artist at his trade.

Second Step: Once Jon and the administrator have completed the design, it’s time to prepare the land for the project.  Site development is critical to the success of the project, just like the base your home is built on, the playground must have a stable base for it to ensure safety and functionality of the equipment.  We refuse to just “Smooth & Groove” a project, it must be done correctly and to the specifications of the state and county it will be installed in.  We treat every playground as if our very own children will be playing there.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
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