Summer Fun for Kids

  Kids get bored so easy, it’s difficult to keep them entertained when the video games, cell phones and televisions are turned off.  Here are a few things Jon’s family and my family do to have summer fun together. Dog

Happy 4th of July

Get outside and enjoy some play time with your kids and enjoy this 4th of July.  Be safe and have fun! Happy Independence Day from Jon & I at Creative Playscapes.     Safety Starts w/ Stability! Kurt Karriker 704-589-7455

Getting Healthy

  In the past twenty years, childhood obesity rates have did more than double and that’s not the only problem that has increased.  Pediatricians are handing out more antidepressants to children now than ever before by a pretty steep increase

Out to the Playground

The chill of winter is receding and the warmth of spring is quickly approaching, soon our kids will be out for summer vacation and we all know what that means: PlayStation, Smart phones, TV and a whole mess of technology

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