PIP Poured In Place Playground Safety Surfacing at Clemson UMC

We are at Clemson United Methodist Church in Clemson South Carolina installing our PIP poured in place playground safety surfacing.  This playground will have approximately 5000 square feet of rubber safety surfacing installed.  Click here to learn more about PIP

In this video, Kurt is describing the top layer of the playground surface, which is approximately 2 inches deep.  This top layer is poured over the base layer which is a cushiony rubber surfacing, which was installed at 4 inches deep for a total of 6 inches of rubber playground safety surfacing.  At 6 inches, this fall protection exceeds the required depth, but we prefer added safety precaution on our surfacing projects, especially for playgrounds designed for smaller children.

This particular playground was designed for younger children in the age group of about 2 or 3 years old.  The playground equipment was specifically designed lower to the ground for easy access and as a safety precaution for falls.  All aspects of safety and functionality are considered when we design a playground and recommend the equipment.  Height is a major variable for younger children playgrounds.

Also in Kurt’s video you will notice the existing playground equipment which we have relocated, along with adding the safety surfacing.  This enabled us to expand the playground and add new equipment including a large canopy shade structure.  This shade structure is approximately 20 feet by 30 feet, which provides a large amount of shade throughout the day.  This will be more appreciated in the summer months, but has advantages throughout the year.

We appreciate Clemson United Methodist Church for allowing us to document this project for our YouTube channel, website and portfolio.

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