Playground Fitness Units

Playground Fitness Units
Playground Fitness Units

Fitness is not a luxury enjoyed by all of our children, child obesity is an issue many parents feel very strongly about, but the issues are almost always the same, how do you get them to exercise and be healthier?

Putting down the video games and walking away from the television set is a difficult enough for me to do (and I consider myself to have good will power) how can I expect my son to walk away from such enticing entertainment?  Technology provides us with many benefits, some good and some not so much; unfortunately fitness is not at the top of the technological enhancement list, so how do we motivate our children to exercise?

Research (and common sense) shows that if the activity is entertaining, children will be more inclined to return and therefore benefit.  Designing a playground with fitness at the core will entice kids to exercise (even if they don’t know it).  Jon and I have (mostly Jon) designed and developed several playgrounds specifically targeting exercise for the children.  Creating play structures like climbing walls, balance pods and ladders entertain the kids and endorse physical activity.  Putting something in place that kids will enjoy and want to do again can be challenging, Jon has a knack for making things fun, even exercise.

Fitness playgrounds are very common in communities, if your HOA is considering a fitness playground, call me and Jon, we will gladly give a presentation at your next HOA meeting.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
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