Natural Playground at Myers Park UMC in Charlotte NC Video 2

This is the second of the two Myers Park United Methodist Church natural playground videos.  The design of this particular playground took almost a year, as Jon was very specific and creative with this project.  We would like to publicly acknowledge our thanks to Myers Park UMC for allowing us to document this project for our portfolio.

We took several extra steps in this design as we knew prior to the design that this would be a significant portfolio piece to the Natural Playgrounds portion of our business.  Jon incorporated a variety of play, exercise and cogitative interactions to keep the children active and motivated.

Stream Bed w/ Boat – Jon emulated water with our PIP (pour in place) safety surfacing.  The vibrant blue color is representing the water, along with a boat and we built a water fall too.

The Mountain/Hill was designed with numerous exercise and interactive aspects in mind.  The Slide was built into the side of the mountain along with a small Rock Climb which was built on another side.  The landscaping was designed to endure the kids walking and playing on it once it had taken root and become stable.  The mountainous adventure will raise the children approximately 5’ over the natural playground, much like an observation tower and from there they can easily see the entire playground.

An Outdoor Chalkboard was built to encourage the cognitive and creative skills of the kids, along with a Production Stage where they can act out as the characters in their imaginary adventures.  Finally, a Planter Box was built to encourage the children to be involved and learn more about horticulture and growing plants and flowers.

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