Natural Playground at Myers Park UMC in Charlotte NC Video 1

Myers Park United Methodist Church in Charlotte, hired us to design and build a natural playground for their congregations children and child care program.  This project incorporated a variety of play, exercise and cogitative interactions to keep the children active and motivated.

Prayer Flags continue the message of faith from the church and add a colorful flare to the natural playground.

Tree Stumps made from concrete and fiberglass resign are designed for a storytelling area.  They look as natural as the real native trees we also incorporated into the design.  We built cargo nets and a climbing area at this station of the playground to generate more activity from the children.

Balance Beams made from concrete and fiberglass resign will be used for exercise, skill development and imaginative thoughts.  The initiative is to have the children active along with developing their skills.

A 170’ Trike Path/Boardwalk made from pavers encompass the playground and provide the children with direction and creative thoughts as they “motor” and walk/play around the path.

The Sand Pit was designed with a drain to allow a natural flow of rainwater thru the play area.  This sand pit has a 12” sand depth, enabling the kids to dig and play.

The Music Area has natural drums and a xylophone to encourage the creative musical aspect of the children, along with having fun and making sounds.

A Hiding Bench was designed into the landscaping to allow the kids a slightly private area to hide, read and/or play.

The Log Cabin is the focal point of the natural playground, with its small yard, planters and outdoor kitchen.


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