Asbury Church

Asbury Church in Raleigh, NC showcases a project that seamlessly incorporates multiple surface types. Having spent years replacing wood playground mulch, the Church’s Preschool was ready to find a lower maintenance, cleaner and dryer alternative for their safety surfacing. After working with our design team to analyze pedestrian flow and use patterns, Asbury Church settled on a beautiful combination of bonded rubber under play equipment and artificial turf in open play spaces. In addition, a meandering pour-in-place trike path circles the perimeter of the space creating a walking and biking path for kids and teachers to enjoy! All together, these surfaces curve in and out of one another to create a safe and aesthetically pleasing playground.

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Approx. Budget 200k

Asbury Church
6612 Creedmoor Rd
Raleigh NC 27613
United States
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