British International School Charlotte Playground

This is our first video on the commercial playground for the British International School in Charlotte, NC.  The school requested Jon and I design and install an “Outdoor Learning Space” that the children could grow, learn and exercise under the parameters and supervision of the school.

This is a replacement project, so the original equipment has been removed and the site development has been completed for Phase 1 and is ongoing for Phase 2.  During the Phase 1 site development, the area was leveled and prepared for the installation of artificial turf.  We installed approximately 4000 feet of artificial turf on this main play area.

During this video, the Phase 1 landscaping is nearing completion.  We bordered the play area turf with landscape that would accent the playground and be durable for the inevitable intrusion of the kids.

One of the main features of the play area will be the “Ship” which will be a sandbox.  The other featured amenity will be a “Production Stage” where the children can conduct outdoor plays produced by the school and the imaginary adventures naturally created by young minds as they play and interact.

Phase 2 of the project in this first video is currently underway.  The site is being prepared for the safety surface to be installed.  We will be using the PIP (pour in place) rubber playground surfacing for a portion of this play area.

Jon has designed a Bridge for the children to walk across from one play area to the other.  This is another of Jon’s creative accomplishments that I will enjoy watchingdevelope.

As we progress through this Charlotte school playground, we will continue to document the project and report the progress.  Check back often for more videos from Creative Playscapes.

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