British International School Charlotte Playground Video 1

British International School Charlotte Playground

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The British International School in Charlotte, NC has contracted Creative Playscapes to design a new play and learn area for their school kids.  Replacing the current outdated play equipment was the first order of business, followed by the site development and leveling of the area for the introduction of the artificial turf and PIP (pour in place) safety surfacing.  The landscaping was specifically designed and integrated to accent the play area along with being durable to withstand the play from the kids as the venture off the turf.

This is a very cool project with a variety of play and interactive features.  The sandbox was designed by Jon to be a huge ship; this design was to encourage the imaginary thought process of the kids while they play.  Along with the sand box, Jon incorporated a production stage which will be an active aspect for the kids to conduct plays on an outdoor stage, along with everyday adventures.  Another wonderful way for the kids to exercise, learn and have fun.

One unique aspect for this Charlotte playground is it’s separated into two play areas.  The primary phase with the turf and sand box, along with the second area which will have our PIP (pour in place) colored safety surfacing.  Jon has designed a bridge to connect the two areas, which we should see in our second documented video.

Jon designed another outstanding playground for this Charlotte school and as we progress along, more video documentation will be released.  We appreciate the British International School in Charlotte for allowing us to document this project for our website and You Tube channel.


Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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