Charlotte Playground Project Video 5 Colored Playground Surfacing

This is video #5 of the 7 video collections on the process of installing a playground for The Williams Center in Charlotte.  Jon is our videographer and narrator.  We hope you enjoy this particular video where the colored EDPM is being installed.  Click here to learn more about playground safety surfaces.

We top off the rubber safety surface with the EDPM (Ethylene-propylene rubbers & elastomers) colored surfacing.  This project incorporated “Hippos and Alligators” so we used a “Blue Water” colored safety surface to imitate the water these animals live in.  The “water theme” used for this Charlotte playground is an excellent example of how we use our safety surfaces for more than just protection.

Colored rubber safety surfacing uses:

  • Provide a “Cushiony” top surface
  • Add color
  • Create a theme
  • Add attractiveness to the playground

Jon talks about a delay, notice how we were able to continue working and not delay the project due to circumstances beyond our control.  Our goal is to always stay on schedule and on budget, this is an example of how we can do a “Work-Around” and stay productive.

Listen to Jon mention the weather in this video, it was late May when this video was shot.  Weather does have an effect on when and how we can apply the rubber safety surfacing, but this particular day was perfect early summer temperatures.

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