Charlotte Playground Project Video 4 Playground Surfacing

This is video 4 of the 7 video collections on the process of installing a playground for The Williams Center in Charlotte.  Jon is our videographer and narrator.  We hope you enjoy this particular video where we are beginning the installation of the rubber safety surface.  Click here to learn more about playground safety surfaces.

The base of the rubber safety surface is being installed; we use a 1 ½” amount of base to add a more protective level of safety.  Regulations vary, but we typically exceed the required amount of rubber base that is required for numerous reasons, mainly the safety of the kids.

Jon describes the install and mentions the Ethylene-propylene rubbers & elastomers (also called EPDM and EPM); this is state of the art playground surfacing.  EPDM is made of tiny rubber pellets, incorporated on the playground site with a urethane binder to form a playground surface that is “Pliable” or “Soft” in other words it’s very durable but cushiony too.  We also use this top surface to add the color and vibrancy to the playground.  A later video will reveal how Jon incorporated a “train-track” into the surface of this project.

We install EDPM Surfacing in a variety of depths, using a fall guide AKA compliance regulations based on the fall height requirements of the playground equipment we are installing.  Playground safety is a topic we feel strongly about, EPDM is the surface coverage we recommend.

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