Play for Everyone


We know that daily exercise is needed for kids to grown strong and be healthy and how not being active can lead to much more than just obesity.  This rule applies to all children including those with special needs.  Research shows that a lot of parents are scared to get their kids with special needs out playing because of the thoughts of them possible getting hurt.  Getting them out to play and letting them be active is actually what’s best for them just like any other kid, of course with proper supervision and guidance.  There’s nothing a child with special needs can’t play considering absolutely any type of play can be adjusted to fit the child capabilities and needs.

This is a great way to allow them to learn to build relationships with kids their age as well as help build coordination, stability, and strength.  Play reduces stress for children and allows them to use their imagination to learn and grow with life.  Creative Playscapes have many different types of play structures and along with the supervision of an adult, we like to make sure play areas are accessible to everyone who wants to play.  Our manufacture is outstanding with all ADA standards and always keeps safety at first priority.  IPEMA is always looking for ways to make play more fun and safer while keeping areas accessible to everyone with correct installation and maintenance.  Playing is fun for all kids no matter what their needs are and they are only kids once so make sure you don’t let them miss out on it.

We have designed numerous playgrounds for special needs children and handicapped children where easy access and added safety precautions are designed into the playground.

Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
Creative Playscapes

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