Natural Playground Products

Natural Playground Products

Designing, building and supervising the construction of a natural playground is a thrill for Jon.  As we work together and interact, we often times get separated for extended periods of time and when we regroup to discuss our projects, Jon always wants to talk about the natural playgrounds he is working on.  It’s a lot of fun to see a grown man so happy and enthusiastic about his job.  Jon is by far, the most entertaining co-worker I’ve ever had!

The other week, Jon and I were talking about natural playground products and how to implement them into his designs.  He likes to use a variety of man-made replicant products (because they are safer and more durable) in conjunction with the natural pieces that fit into the design for the customer.

  • Dirt, ground, earth (or whatever you want to call it) is a great natural playground product. We can build mountains, make valleys or move it around to literally any design.
  • Trees, stumps or tree trunks work great for a variety of applications. Jon will hand pick the piece and supervise the preparation prior to installation to ensure it is to our standards of safety.  But a good tree trunk can easily make steps, small jumps and obstacles on the play course.
  • Tires from heavy equipment are an option Jon considers on our larger projects. The placement of a very large tire can create a sitting/reading area or sand box.
  • Man made products are an excellent option. Poles and be designed as trees and used for supporting climbing nets or slides.
  • Concrete can easily be formed and coated with a safe and vibrant exterior and made into an un-imaginable number of natural playground products. These are Jon’s favorites because they are the safest and built to industry standards from the factory.

When considering a natural playground, do some online research at the many options available for the children to play and learn on.  You will be pleasantly surprised at how many cool things are available.


Safety Starts w/ Stability!

Kurt Karriker
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