Coronavirus and Playground Safety

I’m Bored MOM! What is there to do?

Corona virus and Playground Safety

With all of us at home huddled up waiting on the next news report and homeschooling our children the question arises — What can we do for physical activity with our kids? For the short term playgrounds and the germs they harbor are a temporary “no-no” until the virus passes and runs its course. Once this level of closure and safety is realized, most likely the heat of the summer sun will kill the contaminants. However, a thorough cleaning will also rid the playground of germs and contaminants and is always a smart consideration.(See below).

Suggestions for activities for active play have poured in from educators and physical education proponents everywhere. Bottom line is good common sense applies here. We need to keep kids active through the course of the virus, either in our homes or outdoors. Playing on equipment should be discouraged temporarily, however non contact games and outdoor events at parks should still be encouraged. Rather than playing on the playground equipment with other kids, play individually or in very small groups with family members or very close (non infected ) friends you know on a personal level. Parks and wide open spaces offer great opportunities for walks, jogging, bike rides, hikes, and outdoor nature learning. Golf and Frisbee golf are great outdoor games kids can learn to enjoy that involve skill, concentration and aerobic activity. Games involving balls and bats and equipment is still an option as well, just be sure to bring your own personal equipment from home and keep it, and players, clean and well sanitized before and after use.

Its also a great opportunity to do some good old fashioned chores around the house and make it a fun learning activity for the kids. Clean out the garden, rake the leaves, get the yard and house ready for upcoming spring and summer activities. There is no better time than now to teach cleaning skills around the house, learning the proper and safe way to clean the bathroom, fridge, and furnace filters.These simple tasks we all perform too often as parents and our kids have no clue how to accomplish them, they are very important, essential life skills. I know personally my kids are much more willing and interested in helping with chores when they are bored and looking for something to do. The next few weeks are a great opportunity to teach the kids and knock out the “honey-do-list” at the same time. I personally am planning to turn my three kids into an interior and exterior paint crew. Our upstairs is in need of a fresh coat and the rocking chair front porch ALWAYS needs a fresh coat of paint to hide the grime from last season. This is a great opportunity to teach them a home improvement skill that they will use for a lifetime.

Playground Cleaning

The COVID-19 scare brings an important and often overlooked issue on our public and private play spaces. Playgrounds, and all surfaces kids touch, are laden with germs. The sun and heat keep some germs at bay, however even in a “non pandemic” environment our playgrounds benefit from routine cleanings. This is among the most overlooked and critical maintenance procedures of a playground. You can do this yourself with some very basic supplies and equipment or hire it to be done professionally. See links below for information

NOW is the time!!!


These next few weeks offer a great time to plan ahead for future playground needs. If a new playground design or addition is in your future plans our designers are here to assist with developing ideas, drawings and budgets to start your planning.

As always our consultations are free, and we can start the process with a phone call , some photos and a little research from google earth satellite imagery. We are free for site visits as well. It is never too early to begin the process, design production and fund raising all play into the time

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