Climbing boulders and rock climbing panels by Creative Playscapes allow children, teenagers, and adults alike the exhilarating experience of climbing in a safe, controlled environment. Playground boulders and rock climbing boulders come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors while being designed with safety, durability, and usability in mind. Boulders by Creative Playscapes make a dramatic statement while seamlessly blending into an existing playground, gym, therapy setting, or as a stand-alone feature in any backdrop. Gone are the days of awkward, unnatural play structures. Let Creative Playscapes make your dream a reality.

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Modular Wall Panels provide for the ultimate climbing or traverse experience in any location. The 4’ x 8’ panels can be oriented both vertically, horizontally, and even on slopes on natural playgrounds. Naturally occurring rock texture along with attached climbing holds allow our clients to be able to completely customize and adjust the level of difficulty as they desire. Our climbing panels are lightweight, durable, cost effective, and can be installed within hours, either inside or out. Climbing panels are installed to promote fun and challenging experiences for all ages and skill levels. Panels can be stacked and oriented vertically in multiple ways to create a perfect customized climbing surface. Modular climbing panels are great for any university, therapy-rehabilitation center, school, gym facility, or playground.


Creative Playscapes also provides natural looking, low-maintenance items for playgrounds and other outdoor applications. Please call your local representative and we will be happy to discuss your exact needs and develop a site specific plan.


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