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natural playgroundWhen faced with making a buying choice for playground surfaces, several factors should be considered: Equipment use zones and fall heights. Maintenance needs. Longevity of the system and life expectancy of the play equipment, along with budget, all factor into the decision making process.

Contractor selection is also critical. We at Creative Playscapes offer multiple surfacing options to meet the varying requirements of your site. We also offer full service, turn-key installation from demolition, grading, site preparation, drainage remediation, new equipment installation, and surfacing installation. We can handle the job from beginning to end. Most importantly, we are a local contractor, and install the project with our own crew. We are here to service the job throughout the life of your project.

Call us. We can visit your site and discuss your specific needs and we will help guide you toward the system that best suits your design parameters and budgets.


Poured in Place Rubber (PIP)

poured in place rubberPoured in place rubber surfacing is the ideal surface for the commercial playground. The system is low maintenance, ADA accessible, durable, and available in many colors. The system is permeable and keeps kids clean, dry, and safe on the playground. Poured in place rubber has a higher initial investment, however, this amount is recovered with decreased maintenance costs over the life of the project.

Poured in place rubber is a two step installation process. The primary cushion course is installed on compacted stone base or a concrete slab. The cushion course varies in depth based on the fall height of the equipment. The top wear course is 1/2” thick and provides a durable, colorful finish that can be designed to graphically compliment the playground and equipment. This is the most durable of all the synthetic surfacing systems.

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  • standard
  • permium surfacing
  • premium plus

Bonded Rubber Mulch

bonded rubber mulchBonded rubber mulch is a shredded, recycled rubber mulch that resembles wood mulch in appearance. Like the poured in place rubber, it is mixed on site with a urethane binder and forms a unitary play surface. The depth of this system also varies with the equipment fall heights. The product is available in primarily neutral colors (tan/brown/red) to blend into a more natural play environment. Bonded rubber is often used around trees and other landscaped areas to provide a soft, durable fall zone with a more natural look.

  • brown red tan bonded rubber
  • red brown bonded rubber
  • tan red green bonded rubber

Artificial Turf

artificial turfArtificial turf products are synthetic carpet and look like a well maintained turf grass. The turf options vary in density, weight and pile depth. There are many available color choices with some incorporating a thatch layer to offer a very natural and realistic appearance without the need for watering, fertilizing, mowing or other routine maintenance needs of natural grass.. Like rubber, the turf is clean, dry, and safe which makes for an aesthetically pleasing playground for both kids and parents. The turf products can be installed in conjunction with foam pads to offer fall protection when used within the use zone of playground equipment.

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